Well, there was some drama between Tati and Jackie because Tati defended Jeffree and continued to support him (which is NOT okay). But now, Tati is apologizing to Jackie for not taking her side, which, we guess is better late than never? “I got it twisted that you had provoked Jeffree because you were angry that I filmed [with someone] who had a history of being labeled by others as a racist.”

She continued, “Jackie, I’m sorry that I did not do the right thing and walk away from him [back in 2018]…I should not have defended him and I regret any of the pain that I may have caused you.” She added, “And for the record, loud and clear, I’ve always liked you and I’ve always enjoyed you, every interaction that we’ve had face-to-face, and I let you down. And I am so genuinely sorry for that,” Tati said.

Tati and Jackie seem to be on better terms, and not just because Tati admitted she was wrong about defending Jeffree Star. In March, Jackie positively reviewed one of Tati’s beauty products, and Tati tweeted, “I’m humbled & incredibly grateful. This video is SO much more than a review to me. I don’t even have the words to express fully how much this means to my heart. Go check out & love on @jackieaina her review is everything.”

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