When viewers first met the agent, she was going professionally by her married name, Tracy Tutor Maltas. She wed Jason Maltas, a construction manager, in 2005 after four years of dating. Jason graduated from Arizona State University in 1993, and his LinkedIn page lists that his current job is as the Vice President of Gordon Gibson Construction. 

Jason does not appear to have any public social media accounts, and he’s evidently retreated from the spotlight since his divorce from Tracy. 

Throughout Season 10, it was evident that Tracy and her then-husband were struggling to find time to spend with one another. Though they were both dedicated to their daughters, the two were clashing in their marriage.

It, therefore, wasn’t a total surprise, when Tracy’s finale update included the news of her divorce. 

“Tracy’s been expanding her business & landed her first new development in West Hollywood. She recently filed for divorce from her husband Jason. They’re both committed to co-parenting and their primary focus remains their two daughters,” her finale update read in 2018’s Season 10.

She later explained on the show that the hardest part of the divorce was not getting to see her girls every day. 

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