We melted two weeks ago on June 12 when Kiko posted a photo of his significant other for Brazilian Valentine’s Day. “It’s been an amazing journey with you,” he wrote alongside a heart. For her part, she slid into his comments to wish him a happy day as well, in Portuguese.

While Nicole’s Instagram account is private, Hot Virals has luckily done some digging on Kiko’s mystery woman and taken out a lot of the guesswork. It sounds like the pair are quarantining together in Hawaii, or at least are hiding out there during the pandemic.

Hot Virals writes that Nicole has posted an Instagram photo of the “tiny house” they’re living in, likely before making the decision to take her account private. “Our 10 square meter Hawaiian Paradise,” she called their close quarters. “No, there hasn’t been any murder attempt yet,” she added, “thanks to surf, good food and wine.”

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