Mattia Polibio posted a handful of suggestive TikToks in the past few months. Take a clip dating back to Sunday, May 17, which saw the star-status content creator perform some provocative dance moves. Captioned “when the video talking ab your feelings leaves her speechless for 2 weeks,” the short video could easily double as a bait. 

We investigate: could Mattia’s recent activity indicate some larger-scale changes taking place in his love life? Does he have a girlfriend?

Mattia Polibio was rumored to date stars like Cynthia Parker in the past.

Mattia claims that he had one serious relationship — with no other than Jenna Hablitz. 

As a previous Distractify article reveals, Mattia announced that they had broken up during a livestream posted in the fall of 2019. He also deemed her “manipulative,” the article notes. 

In the course of the past few months, Mattia became involved with several other TikTokers as well. However, none of these flings seemed to have worked out in the long run. 

Jasmine Orlando, Cynthia Parker, and Lena Allison are just some of the people Mattia was rumored to spend time with. In a YouTube video titled “my first q&a,” he claimed that he was merely “talking to” these young women. 

“I’m not going to name my exes, [but] who I’ve talked to,” he said. “Cynthia [Parker] — we commented on each other’s TikToks. Then she DM’d me, and I answered, [then we] started Snapchatting, started FaceTiming. [We] met at Social Bash, whatever there happened, and then we talked and talked until we had to end things on February 13 or 12. […] That’s basically the story behind that,” Mattia explained. 

“Next is Lena [Allison]. We had each other on Snapchat around November or December [of 2019]. We used to slide up on each other’s stories. […] We started Snapchatting constantly and flirting a lot,” he added.

“We decided to say that we were talking and things just didn’t feel right because of the f—–g corona[virus] self-quarantine stuff. […] I didn’t want to do the distance and not be able to talk to someone that I had feelings for. So I said, ‘I can’t make this work out because of the distance,'” Mattia said. 

By the look of it, Mattia is still on the market, though it’s uncertain for how long. 

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