In the years Alissa was missing, she had not contacted any friends or family members, including the aunt she was supposed to be living with as per Michael’s claim. Her bank account, which had $1,800 in it, was untouched and her social security number had never been used, which meant she hadn’t applied for any job or gone to school.

Turney claimed he had a fight with Alissa at home, and she had stormed off to her room. Investigators wanted to confirm this claim, however, the audiotapes that Turney had going in their house 24/7 were conveniently shut off that day.

As far as security footage, he declined to let them review the videotapes, claiming he had browsed through them and that there was nothing relevant to their investigation. However, the findings they did uncover gave investigators enough probable cause to obtain a search warrant, which resulted in uncovering 26 homemade pipe bombs, as well as a 90-page manifesto.

In the manifesto, Turney suggested his stepdaughter had been abducted and killed by two men from an electrical union he worked for as revenge. He said he had avenged her death by killing them in return, but both the men he named were found to have died of natural causes.

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