The Charlotte-based entertainer hadn’t talked all that much about the mother of his child and never officially said that the two were in a relationship. Even in November of 2019, both DaBaby and MeMe had said that they were single, with the woman following up by saying, “but that’s my boo though, regardless.”

To drama-vampires sucking every bit of shallow gossip-tacular delight from the situation, it seemed like MeMe cared way more about DaBaby than he cared about her.

Others began speculating that the two were in an open relationship, that is, until it was revealed DaBaby had impregnated another woman. MeMe then went on social media calling him, “the number 1 capper” and that he was guilty of “policing” her daily life.

However, DaBaby went on record saying that he ultimately got another woman pregnant when he and MeMe were officially no longer together, which seems to have gotten him back in her good graces.

An Instagram Q&A MeMe held with her followers, she strongly suggests that the two of them have managed to mend things and they’re back together. When asked if she missed the rapper, she responded with, “Miss him? Dats Me.” indicating that there’s no need to miss him because she’s his main squeeze.

Then she was asked if she thought it was OK to give “a cheater a second chance,” and she responded by saying that “life too short” to not be with someone you love regardless.

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