According to a recent comment on a four-month-old reddit thread, the internet personalities are not dating and may have never been an item to begin with. 

“Niki on her 12 hour stream on June 10 said that they were just friends,” one commenter noted, causing a second user to reply, “I think that they were never officially together. Just committed to each other and waiting for the correct moment.”

In the days following their “Rajjchelor” appearance, the pair seemed eager to hang out. “On one of her streams someone asked Niki, ‘What are you and Wilbur?’ and she responded with, ‘No one knows,'” a redditor wrote back in February. “I think she is really into him and waiting on him to officially ask her out.”

Multiple fans explained why they’re hoping the influencers become a couple. “The stuff they do is some of my favorite content because it’s so unbelievably adorable,” one follower stated. “I’ve also kind of been watching [Niki’s] streams since before the ‘Rajjchelor’ and I’ve noticed that… she seems a lot happier around Will.”

Another shipper added, “I’ve been having a real rough time and I think seeing the two of them together restored my hope for humanity. They definitely seem to fit together really well, I just hope their fans hounding them about it constantly doesn’t annoy them too much.”

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