Attaway General is an online show, so it can be watched totally free on Brat TV’s YouTube Channel. The first episode, which premiered May 20, 2020, is where we see Georgia (Dixie), Kit (Gabby), Rosie (Lauren), and Jack (Diego) spend their first day on the job at Attaway General Hospital. Each episode runs for just under 10 minutes and is full of all the typical teen drama we expect from regular TV. 

As of June 25, 2020, there have been six episodes released, each with views of over 2 million – in total it’s close to 20 million views for all the episodes.  

According to The Hollywood Reporter, episodes may also be streaming for free on Tubi, Amazon Prime, or Roku – but they’re for sure on Brat TV’s YouTube channel, with a new episode uploaded every Wednesday. 

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