TikTok might be an app that’s technically suitable for all ages, but older users, i.e. parents, might have a harder time deciphering all of the lingo and figuring out the trends as they come and go. The same can be said for some users when it comes to the line ‘I had pasta tonight’ on TikTok. Because, at its core, the seemingly harmless caption or hashtag, when used in either instance, has a potentially scary meaning behind it.

“I had pasta tonight” isn’t another TikTok dance trend or one which calls out other users to do a ‘duet’ side by side. It’s more serious and, in some ways, it can be the difference between someone getting mental health help or suffering in silence. And whether you’re a parent who uses TikTok to keep an eye on your kid or you just use the app for fun yourself, you’ll probably want to know what this phrase means.

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