Since Roman’s potential whereabouts have been gaining more attention online, some of his fans have taken to Brian Carle’s Instagram page to ask him where the YouTuber is. Brian has appeared in Roman’s vlogs for years, and he is a close friend of the internet star. 

In Brian’s most recent posts on Instagram, he’s received dozens of comments from people wondering what Roman has been up to.

“Where is Roman?” one asked under Brian’s post from March 30. 

“In bed,” Brian cheekily answered. 

“Tell Roman ro make some YouTube videos [sic],” another person commented.

“K will do,” Brian replied. 

Brian responded to several others, and he hinted that Roman is just taking time offline to spend with his family. 

He liked a comment (and posted the rock hand emoji) from another user that read, “Let him spend time with his family and enjoy his life. He will make videos when he wants and not when you want them.” 

“Everyone quit asking about Roman I’m sure he’s OK and doing good. He has a family and a life too.”

“True that,” Brian wrote. 

Until Roman or Brittney returns to social media, the true reason behind their joint decision to stop posting will be unknown. But, that doesn’t mean that the rumors will stop circulating. 

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