It’s impossible to slip anything by superfans of America’s Got Talent (AGT). They remember any contestant we’ve seen before and they could tell you the winners of any given season. So when judge Heidi Klum was absent from her judging chair for two episodes of Season 15, fans wanted to know what was up. Rumors started to circulate because it’s unlike her to miss anything and, because of the timing, people wondered: did Heidi Klum have COVID-19?

Did Heidi Klum have COVID-19?

In an interview with People, Heidi admits that she felt ill during the taping of the episodes that are now just airing on TV. Since the filming was happening in early March – before any stay-at-home orders were in place — Heidi and the crew were concerned her symptoms may have been due to COVID-19. 

“When I fell ill, it was on March 10. I was experiencing fever and sore throat, so I told production and immediately the medic did my vitals and said, ‘Yes, you have a fever,’ and then I was dismissed,” Heidi said. 

“It felt strange to leave, but that was the right thing to do,” she added. “I told them how I was feeling. They looked at me, checked me out and said, ‘Yeah, go home.’ Then I was asked to get tested ASAP so that I could go back to work because we didn’t know that this was all unfolding the way it did. They were like, ‘Okay, get tested as fast as you can.’ ” 

At that time, it wasn’t simple to get ahold of a test for the novel coronavirus and Heidi said she had trouble getting tested. “I tried and I went on the search for the test. I was unaware that there were no tests anywhere. I was just asking everyone because we were told that there are tests for everyone,” she said. 

It was later revealed that Heidi did not have coronavirus, but it was the right thing to do to step away from the large audience, crew, and contestants when she had symptoms that could have been COVID-19. 

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