In a series of tweets, some showing screenshots of her messages with Bryant, the model explained that she reached out to the influencer early in his career after he expressed interest in photographing his followers.

Once she revealed that she was 6’3″ and had been “trying to find a modeling agency that would want someone so tall,” Bryant eagerly asked her to send a few pictures of herself posing in just a black bra and black underwear.

When @watssuptho admitted that she felt “uneasy” taking the scantily clad pics, Bryant responded, “Agencies typically want to see photos like these because they want to see your body figure and height. At this point it is necessary.”

After texting him the images in her underwear, @watssuptho alleged that the social media celeb asked her to take a couple of naked pictures, claiming once again that they were for the “agencies” to look at. “Once he received the nude photo, I never heard back from him, regarding modeling or anything at all,” she tweeted. “He never asked my age, or confirmed it.”

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