Randonauting is the act of using the Randonautica app to discover something new in the world around you that may relate to something else in your life or even give you clarity on something you might be struggling with. The scientific evidence behind this is, of course, lacking, but it’s one of those creepy TikTok trends that is catching on quickly.

To use the Randonautica app, you open it, choose the type of quantum point you want, which is either anomaly, attractor, or void. You then set the radius in meters in which you are willing to travel. From there, you choose from two ways for the app to come up with an algorithm. The next screen will ask you to ‘set your intention.’ Focus on a word or phrase to guide your trip. Then, press start.’ The coordinates Randonautica gives you are supposed to lead you to a place related to your intention.

So, for example, if you focused on your intention to be love,’ the Randonautica app could send you to a place where there just happens to be a heart carved somewhere or the very opposite of love or loving things present. Of course, it doesn’t always work this way, but the subreddit for randonauting, and now TikTok, are full of stories of people getting creepy or just unbelievably accurate results.

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