In a video interview with TMZ, Gabbie was asked about the drama between her and Jessi. Gabbie said Jessi shouldn’t have made her DMs public, in which she discussed her opinions on the lawsuit. She followed it up by saying that she is incredibly toxic as a friend, and needs to go to therapy.  

Jessi retweeted the interview, saying: “I want to make something VERY CLEAR – after Gabbie’s video, I tried to reach out to her in a VERY calm way. The second I mentioned screenshots of what she truly said on the day of TMZ, she no longer wanted to speak and said that I was threatening her. The truth is NOT a threat.”

This obviously inspired a massive tweet storm from Gabbie’s end, claiming Jessi always sought to slander her character.

“here’s some proof from jessi’s own video that shows that jessi has been actively trying to control my relationships and destroy my reputation for years. this is what abuse looks like. isolation, control, and eventually, character assassination,” Gabbie said in a tweet, along with several others. Yikes.

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