Using voice filters is a breeze. First off, you will have to decide which filter suits your clip the best. For a high-pitched, adorable effect, opt for the chipmunk. If you would prefer a monotonous mechanical sound, the robot is your best bet. 

For times when only a garbled, high-pitched sound will do, go for the alien. And, of course, there’s the bear — a more well-rounded, lower-pitched filter that works equally well with humorous and spooky Snaps. 

To begin the whole process, you will want to make a voice recording. Tap on the record button in the middle of the screen — or switch on the AssistiveTouch feature to go at it without hands — and say whatever is on your mind. 

In the left corner, you will find the Sound button. You will want to give it a gentle tap. Next up, you will want to select the right voice filter. 

The bear voice filter is the second from the top — conveniently sandwiched between the chipmunk and the robot. Once you have selected the right filter, all you have left to do is share the story with your friends. 

To make the Snap all the more memorable, you can also opt for a bear filter. To do this, you will want to tap on the smiley face button next to the record button. Next up, press the Lens Subscription button at the bottom of the screen, and search for the bear filter. 

Select your chosen filter, and you’re good to go. 

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