Despite the relatively niche nature of the topic it addresses, Songland enjoyed consistently high viewership ratings over the past years. 

Although both seasons saw a slight decline in viewership numbers toward the end, the show remains one of NBC’s more popular offerings. 

The Season 1 premiere attracted 5,5 million viewers, while the Season 1 finale drew in 3.7 million. According to TV Series Finale, Season 2 enjoyed similarly strong ratings — with an average of 3 million people watching the show. 

One of the only programs showcasing the work of songwriters, Songland offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for budding lyricists, poets, and music fiends who have yet to find their demographic and build lasting connections in the industry. 

Unfortunately for loyal viewers of the show, NBC has kept quiet about whether they would intend to renew the hit series for another season. 

The channel announced its plans to go ahead with the production of Season 2 in the autumn of 2019 — and there’s a chance that they might withhold the big news about Season 3 up until the autumn of 2020. 

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