The Martin and My Wife and Kids star played a game of personal trivia with her friends, and while no one guessed that she’d be the one to have had her first “experience” with a rockstar, Tisha managed to shock them all.

“I don’t tell people this because people get too excited and like, ‘Oooh, ahhhh,’ as if I didn’t have street cred prior,” the School Daze actress and mother-of-two explains about why she keeps her dating past private.

Cagey about revealing his identity, Tisha shares that she met the rockstar on the set of a play. “I was doing a reading of a play,” she begins. “He came in and auditioned; they were like we love your look, come audition.”

From then on, the rest was history. Or at least it was history for the next three years. 

“What’s the question?” Tisha then asks while laughing, emphasizing that talking about her ex is “so uncomfortable!” 

“We dated for like three years, and he was like, ‘We’re gonna wait, we’re gonna wait, we’re gonna wait,'” she continued.

The Dr. Ken actress completely shocked her three friends, as all of them seemed floored to learn that Tisha and the rockstar had a three-year relationship, and that he was her first!

Throughout their riveting conversation, however, the ladies’ lips are blurred and the sound is edited out so audiences can’t make out the rockstar’s name.

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