Sunny is a proud mom to two children. She and Emmanuel welcomed son Gabriel, 17, in August 2002, and daughter Paloma, 14, in May 2006.

The couple was living in Washington DC before starting their family, and during her first pregnancy, they relocated to New York City. “My husband and I had tried for a long time and eventually resorted to IVF. I was on bed rest for most of my pregnancy [in 2001] and knew I couldn’t tackle my career with the same intensity,” she once wrote in an article for Marie Claire. 

“We moved to New York to be close to family, and I tried being a stay-at-home mom,” she added while joking about how that didn’t exactly happen how it was supposed to. However, she’s very good at balancing her family and career.

“The only way, honestly, is that I prioritize them… and my marriage,” she told Closer. “I’ve turned down more projects than I’m a part of… if something doesn’t allow me to go to every basketball game or track meet, or take my son on college visits, it doesn’t happen.”

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