You probably hate bad jokes as much as the next person, and the “Don’t Leave Me” challenge is all about bad jokes. If you’ve got an arsenal of dad jokes and horrible puns you’ve been sitting on, this might be the challenge for you.

The whole point of the challenge is to share a pun or equally horrible joke and follow it up with “don’t leave me” as you run away from the camera. It’s the typical reaction you’d expect out of anyone who tells a bad joke — it’s just been turned into a trend on the internet.

Some of the jokes are fun plays on words, while others are downright bad puns that, in any other scenario, would make you roll your eyes rather than laugh. Arguably some of the best ones are when the person telling the jokes has a group of friends to hype up the joke.

Some of the challenge’s highlights (and most groan-worthy) include putting a nickel on your back and calling it “Nickelback,” throwing a stick of butter in the air and calling it “butterfly,” and placing a watch on a table, calling it “timetable.”

Clearly, this trend is all about bad jokes and wordplay. And despite the obviously corny jokes, TikTok users admit that they’re only funny because they’re part of the don’t leave me challenge. 

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