If you’re planning on diving into The Last of Us Part 2, which comes out June 19, you probably already know that new character Abby is going to be a key player (literally). We were first introduced to Abby in the The Last of Us Part 2 trailer (although technically the character first came about in 2017), and then later learned how she knows Joel and Ellie. In fact, Abby’s story is deeply intertwined with Joel’s. Major spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned (although, if you’re reading this, you’ve likely already went ahead and watched the leaked footage).

Some of you may have learned that Abby kills Joel in The Last of Us Part 2. A clip was posted on YouTube and shows the scene in which it happens. Abby shoots Joel in the leg and then, once she has him held down by two other men, she takes out a golf club and tells him, “You don’t get to rush this.” And then, thwack! Joel’s dead, or about to be very soon.

Why did Abby kill Joel?

Through a series of leaks, we learned that Abby’s dad was one of the surgeons Joel killed at the end of The Last of Us. Much of Part 2 is about Abby’s quest to avenge her dad. And she does. She finds Joel and bashes his head in. According to Inverse, some of Part 2’s major themes include “violence and revenge.” And by seeing things from Abby’s perspective, we’re forced to look at Joel and Ellie from a different angle. And a lot of people aren’t big fans of that.

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Most players don’t really like Abby because they’re upset they spent an entire game rooting for Joel and Ellie and now they not only have to witness Abby kill Joel, but they have to play the character who kills Joel (and goes after Ellie, too). It’s a bizarre new direction that seems to pull away from the heart and soul of the first installation.

There’s also just a lot of confusion about Abby in general and there’s certainly a LOT of drama around a particular sex scene between Abby and Owen. People seem to be more interested in this than the game itself. It’s certainly a different direction for the game. If you’re hesitant about buying it, wait for the reviews to start rolling in.

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