The first step toward clearing out some of those extra TikTok filters is opening up the app. Find the plus icon and tap it to look at the “camera” view. Tap the Filters icon to the left side of the screen. You should be able to continue swiping until you see “Management” for a preview of the filters you have on hand. There should be a list here in the window that pops up that lets you pick which filter you want to use, all sorted by name. 

When you bring up the list of filters, simply tap the checkmark you see next to its name to keep it from appearing in your default selection of filters. This will effectively hide them from your profile. You can also go back and fill in the checkmarks again if you want to re-add them to your profile in the future. Filters are something you need to deliberately add to your profile anyway, so they shouldn’t be that much of a distraction when you’re making clips to begin with.

Still, like the same thing we do with our phone icons, it’s human nature to want to make our areas more tidy, so this is a simple way to arrange things you use or don’t use in a more cohesive manner. If you’re looking to get rid of filters completely, that unfortunately isn’t an option. It’s likely that it never will be since it’s such an integral part of TikTok and Instagram culture, but at least you can keep things looking clean.

Once you’re all organized, feel free to start changing up your looks and voice with all the crazy combinations. You’ll be posting some TikTok-worthy videos in no time. Just don’t be afraid to share your real self from time to time as well, because you’re great the way you are!

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