Chadtronic may have made his bones streaming content on YouTube, but he’s also amassed quite the following on Twitch. He’s a Pokemon enthusiast with a dedicated channel to all things Poke-related, not to mention his broadcasts of Pokemon gaming sessions on Twitch to boot.

Longtime fans of the star have also been delighted whenever his wife, aka Missytronic, drops in to play with him.

Chadtronic’s Twitch has amassed over 44,000 followers.

While this number pales in comparison to the massive 759,000 subscribers Chad’s been able to accumulate on YouTube, he’s still doing very, very well for himself on the streaming platform that’s largely dominated by gamers and gaming-related content.

In addition to Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and faux-cooking show content, both Chad and Missytronic feature themselves playing Mario Kart 8 on his channel.

It’s a pretty great test of a marriage, because if you’re racing with the adorable Nintendo characters time and again, you’re going to get on each other’s nerves rather quickly. It’s a pretty strong testament to their marriage. I’d argue that if they really wanted to see if their union has the mettle to last some video game drama, then they should stream their Mario Party sessions. There are fewer things that’ll generate sheer hatred of someone than when they steal your stars in this game.

Chadtronic has also featured a litany of reaction videos to really bizarre, cringe-inducing, and weird commercials and PSAs that are just floating around the internet.

It seems like the majority of his playthroughs for gaming related content is on his Twitch channel, while these comedy vids are reserved for YouTube.

And he touches on some of the strangest most niche collection of clips you’ll ever find on the internet. Ever wondered what McDonald’s commercials in Pakistan look like? Yeah, he’s got some reactions to those.

Of course, Japan is pretty much the king of gnarly advertisements, and he has several video compilations dedicated to just those too.

He also discusses recurring, strange trends in news cycles on various gaming and consumer technology related subjects as well. He has a few “Parents Upset Over…” series, which highlight folks with kids who don’t like the usage of emojis, or Pokemon of all things.

That’s right, Pokemon, the cutest and cuddliest of gaming franchises.

Not to mention gratuitous anger over Elmo.

Poor little guy just wanted to help instill educational values in young children for free. I feel bad for the red, high-pitched fuzzy monster.

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