The tweet from Gabby quickly went viral and it’s been discussed on Twitter with users insisting Elgort be held accountable. 

“WHEN will MEN stop SEXUALLY ASSAULTING women and CHILDREN?!,” one person tweeted, adding the hashtag #AnselElgort.

“Never been a fan always seemed like something was off about him,” another said. Adding, “Guess I was right. What a garbage human being.” 

“Accept that perpetrators of assault exist. They could be your friends or brothers. Women know countless others who have been raped, yet our men know no rapists. What does that say about society?,” a third person tweeted, adding the hashtags, “#KevinSpacey #AnselElgort #DannyMasterson” 

Following Gabby’s allegations, another woman stepped forward, to share that, although she had not had a sexual encounter with Elgort, she had been contacted by him at the age of 16. She shared screenshots of a conversation with him on his snapchat, in which he asked her, “U ever been w an older man?” He then clarified why he was asking, saying, “u know I want u.”

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