In a previous episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, we watched David embark on a trip to Ukraine to meet with Lana in person. Lana realized she had other plans at the last minute, telling David that she must attend her nephew’s hockey game instead.  

Next up, David headed to Pavlograd to arrange an impromptu meet-up involving some expensive champagne — which he ended up sipping all by himself as Lana failed to show up once again. 

Although Lana may have given fizzy a pass, she didn’t object to other gifts. According to Screen Rant, she gladly accepted the iPhone David bought for her — only to tell him that her nails were too long to make phone calls. Eventually, David hired a private investigator to confirm that Lana is an actual person. 

The love story left most 90 Day Fiancé fans flummoxed, with many taking it to Twitter to debate whether it was perhaps no more than a catfishing scam. 

“My skin is CRAWLINGGGG watching Lana & David on 90 Day Fiancé,” wrote a person. 

“OMG We were all wrong!!! I’m shocked Lana really does exist, David from 90 day Fiancé never lost his hope to meet her. We all own this man an apology I guess. We are also wrong about Yolanda & Williams too? Wow really wow Lana & David meet,” tweeted another fan. 

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