It’s been just over two years since the hit romantic comedy Love, Simon stole the hearts of viewers. The groundbreaking coming-of-age flick featured a same-sex love story between two high schoolers, and fans were eager to learn that a spinoff series, Love, Victor, was greenlit in 2019.

Though Love, Victor almost didn’t happen after Disney+ decided to pass on the series, it was quickly given a new home at Hulu. Season 1 dropped on the streaming service on June 17 to coincide with the middle of Pride Month.

The show chronicles a new Creekwood High School student Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) who is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, while also finding new love and navigating the difficulties of being a teenager. 

The series just dropped on Hulu, but many viewers are already desperate to learn if Love, Victor will get the chance to continue — especially after the cliffhanger finale in Season 1.

Will there be a Love Victor Season 2? Find out below if the show has been renewed already. 

Is ‘Love Victor’ Season 2 happening?

The sitcom has yet to be officially renewed by Hulu, but many of the behind-the-scenes figures for Love, Victor have hinted that the show will go on. Ahead of the show’s debut in February of 2020, Deadline reported that the writers’ room had already been open for Season 2. 

Brian Tanen, one of the executive producers for the series, spoke with Digital Spy about the ideas that are already circulating for the plot’s continuation in Season 2. 

“One of the great things about Season 2 is, if your Season 1 journey is about coming to terms with, and discovering who you are, then the next part of the journey is about first experiences, and first crushes, and first relationships — all these incredibly exciting feelings that are so intensified because you’re finally being your authentic self,” Brian explained.

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“I think there’s just so much opportunity for exciting stories in Season 2… There are a number of, quote, ‘cliffhangers’ for all of our characters. We see that Felix is dealing with problems at home. We see that Mia and Andrew may take a step towards one another. We see that Victor’s parents are having their own major marital decision…There’s so much to follow up on,” Brian continued to tease. “We’re finding Season 2 to be a very rich area for stories.”

Love, Victor star Michael Cimino discussed what he wanted to see in a second season with TV Insider

“I would like to see how [Victor and Benji’s] relationship flourishes, how his family copes with the relationship, and how they feel about it,” the actor shared. 

How does Season 1 of ‘Love, Victor’ end?

One main reason why fans think that a Season 2 announcement for Love, Victor is inevitable is because the finale ended on a cliffhanger. At the end of “Spring Fling,” Victor finally decides to come out to his parents, who are very religious. His direct message communications with Simon Spier (aka the titular character from Love, Simon) give Victor the confidence to finally reveal his truth.

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In the last few moments of the episode, Victor has a frank discussion with dad Armando (James Martinez) and mom Isabel (Ana Ortiz). After he gives his speech, the episode ends, and viewers do not get to see how his parents react. 

The ball is truly in Hulu’s court for Love, Victor Season 2, since that ending almost perfectly sets up its continuation. 

Love, Victor Season 1 is available to stream on Hulu now. 

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