Heidi Fleiss was a name that many of Hollywood’s big leading men knew but kept their affiliation with her a secret. Fleiss was an American former madam; she ran a prostitution ring based in Los Angeles and was said to have several Hollywood men on her client list. She was often referred to as the “Hollywood Madam” as a result of her connections. 

Fleiss also positioned herself as a television personality and columnist and was featured regularly among different American media companies in the 1990s. She later said that she made her “first million after only four months in the business” of being a madam. On a slow night, she made $10,000. 

During a conversation with Larry King in 2002, Fleiss said, “Let me tell you something, if you want to get into a business and you want to do it the best, I don’t care whether it’s cookies, cars, whatever it is, you have got to get down in the trenches, know what it’s all about. That cookie formula, you just don’t come in and start running it. You have got to know how much sugar, flour, chocolate chips. I was down in the trenches for a little bit and I went straight to the top.” 

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