If you’re a faithful TikTok user who also enjoys playing Minecraft, you’ve likely seen a wide variety of “hacks” paraded around on the platform meant to help you do cool things. The only problem is, many of these hacks remain untested, so it isn’t clear if they actually work or not. The idea of the hacks is pretty cool, but for the most part they seem engineered to attract eyes and have people view TikTok clips. With that in mind, some players have actually tried out the tricks. 

From making “fish cannons” to trying on “chicken hats”, there’s a wide variety of different things you can supposedly do as “hacks” in Minecraft, but it doesn’t look like all of the hacks are actually worth trying since they either don’t work or do less than what the TikTok creators claim. To save you the trouble and frustration of doing some of these tricks and being disappointed, we’ve got some of the results here to pore over – and just to let you know, most of them don’t actually work.

It looks like many of those viral ‘Minecraft’ TikTok hacks don’t actually work.

YouTuber LoverFella took it upon himself to try out some of the hacks he saw on TikTok to see if they actually work, and the results were decidedly mixed. While some of the “hacks” were clearly nonsense from the beginning, a handful of them actually did something. Your mileage will certainly vary when it comes to these claims on TikTok, one of the most dubious places on the internet when it comes to rumors and “hacks”.

For instance, LoverFella tried one hack that claimed it could help you make a chicken hat. It required you to take raw chicken to equip on an armor stand, then wait for a chicken hat to “appear”. Needless to say, this particular hack did not actually work, nor did changing the type of chicken used.

Next, LoverFella’s attempt to make a “fish cannon” fizzled out as well. The “hack” instructed users to dig a hole in the ground, fill it with fish, and then break a block next to it. This did not result in a fish cannon, but there were a few fish that flopped outside of the hole. No grandiose explosion, no major splash, no nothing. 

Source: Mojang

One “hack” that did work was taking a sea pickle from your Minecraft inventory and placing it on top of a pumpkin to make a stem. There’s really no way this wouldn’t work, given that it involved just combining items for the sake of aesthetics. Additionally, one hack advised users to put a lantern underneath stained glass for a floating lantern. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this idea worked as well. Of course, these were only a few out of a sea of a different hacks.

If you take nothing else from the video, it’s good to keep in mind that these ideas you see on TikTok aren’t all actually useful. You’ll want to use your own discretion to see what actually works and what doesn’t. 

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