The original dance, which Jaida posted to her TikTok on June 14, was created in an entry to a contest being held by rapper 6ix9ine, who was recently released from prison, and Nicki Minaj.

“Me and Nicki are doing a challenge,” 6ix9ine said in his video announcing the challenge. “Whoever has the best TikTok, I will wire, whatever CashApp $10,000. Second place, $5,000. And the third place gets $1,000.”

To enter the contest, all users had to do was create a video to the duo’s new song, “Trollz.”

The video, which is set to “Trollz”, features what she claims is her original dance. She said she was entering the contest to win money for a friend’s family, as her friend has recently passed away.

“Everyone tag @6ix9ine so he can see my new dance I wanna win so I can donate the money to @george_c113 family,” she captioned the video to her 141,000 followers. Jaida had previously shared a video of her friend’s passing before entering the contest.

Three days later, Tony posted a video doing a dance to the same song, and Jaida instantly called the Hype House member out for allegedly copying her dance.

“NOT YOU COPYING MY DANCE,” Jaida commented in a screenshot shared by @TikTokRoom.

Jaida and the drama Instagram account shared the two videos side by side for comparison, proving the videos had many similarities. Tony’s original video is filled with mixed results from his fanbase, with some people commenting that it wasn’t his original dance.

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