When you’re filming a TikTok video — whether it’s your response to the latest dance challenge making the rounds or a lip-sync to a popular audio clip — you don’t always get it right the first time. Luckily, TikTok allows you to save the videos you record in your Drafts folder. This is also handy if you’re working on a video that requires some extra time for fancy editing.

Is TikTok leaking drafts?

The rumor that TikTok is leaking drafts started going around after some people started noticing a very strange video in their TikTok feed. It featured a young girl doing some TikTok dance moves. While there’s nothing inherently strange about that (TikTok dance moves probably account for a solid 70 percent of all TikTok content, right?), people were freaked out when they noticed the account name on the video. Or, rather, the fact that there was no account name at all.

Usually, you can tap on the username of the person whose video you’re watching to be taken to their profile. In this case, however, there was no username — just an “@” sign. When users tapped on it, they were taken to their own account page rather than the creator’s. As you might expect, people started panicking.

While some wondered whether the girl in the video was some kind of social experiment, others took the strange video as evidence that TikTok is leaking videos from users’ Drafts folders. Things got even more confusing when TikTok user @tamialynn2x uploaded a video claiming to be the young girl’s cousin and explaining the situation.

@tamialynn2x shows text conversations with someone named Journi, who is allegedly the girl in the dancing video. Journi does have a TikTok channel, @its._journi, but the “social experiment” video of her dancing does not appear on it. Journi’s supposed cousin shared screenshots of a text conversation with Journi, wherein Journi is just as confused as everyone else about why the video was appearing on people’s TikTok feeds.

@tamialynn2x uploaded another video saying that TikTok must be leaking drafts, and that’s why Journi’s video had been published even though Journi herself hadn’t published it. @tamilynn2x also said that the video had actually been one of Journi’s private videos (rather than a draft), but either way, it wasn’t a video Journi meant for a bunch of random people to see.

TikTok hasn’t commented on the controversy yet and the video appears to have been removed (not like you could really find it on your own anyway). There has been no confirmation that Journi’s drafts were leaked (or that @tamialynn2x is actually her cousin), and Journi has not uploaded any videos to her account since March of 2020. Regardless of what actually happened here — a TikTok glitch or something more nefarious — it might be a good idea to empty out your own Drafts folder just to be safe. 

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