A man who claims to know the woman’s family tweeted and later deleted an explanation that the woman in the video is “MASSIVELY mentally ill” and is off her meds. Though that may be true, it does not excuse the things she is saying.

Torrance Karen has now made violent threats to at least two people in the same week — the same day, actually. In the more recent video, she tells the man, “you play games, we don’t play games. I play games where you get f–ked to death.” In the video from the park, she threatened, “my family will f–k you up.” Considering the racist comments associated with those threats, there is a case to be made for civil harassment with a racial motivation. 

If the woman in the video is indeed having a mental health crisis, we do hope she can be connected with social workers who can help get her back on medication and stable enough to no longer be a threat to her neighbors in Torrance. 

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