At long last, Sony has revealed the PlayStation 5. After months of speculation, the system has finally been shown off to the public. During June 11’s “The Future of Gaming” livestream, Sony showed off what the next console many of us will be taking home this holiday season actually looked like. It’s definitely different – and as cool as it seems, people are already super ready to make jokes. That’s fine, because we need a laugh more than ever these days, you know? It’s pretty bleak out there.

With that in mind, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to look out for all the best memes we could find online so you don’t have to keep endlessly scrolling through your feed. There are so many out there, they’re in dire need of curation.

So in preparation for the PS5’s release this holiday season, we’re ready to sit back and laugh at all the outlandish ways people are meme-ing the latest entry in the PlayStation family. Grab the tissues, because you might be laughing yourself to tears. 

Here are some of the funniest PS5 memes we could find.

Though the PlayStation 5 does admittedly look very cool and – dare we say it? – futuristic, it’s also a very divisive console. That just means there are plenty of opportunities to poke fun at it, even if you plan on buying your own system. There’s no harm in a little teasing, right? It’s just so easy to joke on, especially if it seems to resemble a router sandwiched between two envelopes. You have to admit, the resemblance is uncanny. 

For the record, it looks like the PS5 will double as a performing arts center. if you don’t want to waste time choosing what college you want to eventually attend.  

Source: Twitter

Okay, we’re not going to dispute this fact. It definitely does look like Sauron’s Tower. 

Did you know the PS5 is actually one of the tallest buildings in the world?

Honestly, this system has so many uses. It can even double as an air filter, apparently, which is kind of awesome. 

You probably shouldn’t eat the PlayStation 5 when you get your hands on it, but that doesn’t make it look any less delicious. 

The PlayStation 5 gets around. It can even mimic a duck’s bill. 

Wait, is this a legit trick that we can pull too if we just put on our glasses? No waiting for the holidays for the PS5, guys!

Wow, it can also be a loose button-up meant to swag your look out? That’s crazy. 

As you can see, the memelords have already created some absolute bangers. But no matter how much memery there is, we definitely still want to see what the PlayStation 5 has to offer, because it honest looks pretty awesome. We still don’t know how much it will cost and can’t preorder it yet, but it’s definitely a system we want to keep an eye on. The next console generation is coming. 

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