Understandably, players have mixed feelings after seeing the bosses they’ll have to face in Mario’s latest quest. The advertised bosses currently include a pack of colored pencils, a man made out of rubber bands, and a tape dispenser.

While we’re sure the developers meant these bosses to add a flare of humor to the gameplay, some players are less than amused, sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

“I miss when Paper Mario just used the paper style as a cute aesthetic choice with a couple nods here and there like turning into a paper airplane rather than drilling it into your head they’re made of paper every five seconds,” one Twitter user shared.

“I’d prefer unique boss design too but since the villain is literally Origami related it makes sense for the bosses to be very literal interpretations of ‘enemies of paper,’” another added.

Others point out that the previous Paper Mario games took creative liberties with the bosses, using the paper-esque art style to create unique characters to battle against, while these new additions feel slightly lackluster. 

But even though some players aren’t amused by the stationary bosses, they’re still open to giving them a chance when the game is released. 

Paper Mario: The Origami King is set to be released on July 17 for Nintendo Switch, and you can watch the full trailer below.

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