On June 9, The View co-host, Sunny Hostin, said that Colin should be given a Nobel Peace Prize for his peaceful protesting during the national anthem. Whoopi Goldberg had asked Sunny if the former NFL player was owed an apology — considering he was not signed with a team after his police brutality demonstrations.

“I think he’s not only owed an apology, Whoopi. I think he’s owed his job. I think he’s owed back pay,” Sunny replied. “And I think he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.”

Sunny went on to call out Roger Goodell, the National Football League Commissioner, for failing to mention Colin by name during a video statement in which he apologized for the NFL opposing players kneeling during the “Star Spangled Banner.”

“I think it’s shameful that people we’re allowed to co-opt that movement and make it about the flag and make it something that it was never about. It really just is shameful,” she explained. “I’m sort of shocked that Roger Goodell never mentioned his name.”

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