If you’re a fast food fan, you may have had a rough week. If you’re a Swiftie, you might be boycotting Burger King already, but, if you’re not a big fan of the president, you might want to add to your fast-food-boycott list. 

#WendysIsOverParty has been taking over Twitter after a new report of what the CEO of the brand spends his money on. Here’s why the popular fast food joint is getting canceled.

Twitter has not held back on tearing into Bodenstedt.

It’s important to note that Bodenstedt doesn’t just own Wendy’s franchises. He also owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell ones as well. But it seems, predominantly, that people are most hurt by the thought that buying a Frosty means supporting someone who donates to the Trump campaign. 

Some are using this as a learning experience. Wendy’s is certainly not the only brand that has donated to the Trump campaign. In fact, at that same meeting where Bodenstedt was present, the CEO of Panera was there as well. So was the CEO of Restaurant Brands International, which owns Popeyes and Burger King. Both CEOs have been complimentary of Trump’s handling of the pandemic, and Niren Chaudhary, Panera’s CEO, has particularly been in support of Trump’s pushing to reopen the American economy. 

One user tweeted out a graphic of large corporations who have been supporting Trump’s campaign efforts. “I’m glad people are calling out all the companies that have donated to trumps campaign. I hope we all listen and stop supporting them until they make a change adding on to the #WendysIsOverParty,” they wrote alongside the image.

But for the most part people seem to be mourning the loss of Frostys in their lives. Which is why the recipe for the Frosty also went viral because, honestly, you can make it at home pretty easily.

Another user also noted that Wendy’s hadn’t exactly been doing a lot to help their workers who were forced to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. They shared an image that appeared to be a letter to Wendy’s employees saying, “As a small token of our appreciation for your dedication and service, we are offering additional meal benefits for the duration of the COVID-19 health emergency, from now until April 30th. Please enjoy a free meal before, during or after your shift.”

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Employees were allowed to choose between the 4 for $4, Dave’s Single Small Combo Meal, Homestyle Chicken Small Combo Meal, or Spicy Chicken Small Combo Meal. 

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