Part of Hannah’s latest show sees her candidly address her autism diagnosis, and devote a whole set to the topic. 

“Honestly the day I was formally diagnosed with autism was a very good day,” Hannah tells audiences in Douglas. “Because it felt like I’d been handed the keys to the city of me. Because I was able to make sense of so many things that had only ever been confusing to me.”

She then goes in on anti-vaxxers, criticizing them for choosing not to vaccinate their children for fear of autism. “That is a political statement,” the comedian shares with The Times, “because we are not part of the anti-vax conversation and that infuriates me.”

She continues, “It’s anti-vaxxers saying autism is worse than polio, or other people saying anti-vaxxers are stupid. Autism is not a prison. It’s not something that should be terrifying. It’s not a disability except that the world makes it incredibly difficult for us to function — and no one is asking what people with autism think.”

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