Aries: “Your energy is amazing and I love going on adventures with you. Don’t burn yourself out though, it’s okay to rest sometimes. I’ll sit with you.”

Taurus: “I’m thankful you always have my back, and know that I have yours. I couldn’t ask for a better friend.”

Gemini: “You’re going to figure out what you want, I promise. Just take your time. The world does keep turning but you don’t have to dive headfirst into everything”

Cancer: “I love you so much, and I don’t know what I would do without you. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too”

Leo: “You’re the most confident person I know, and I’m so glad you know your worth. If you ever doubt it, just let me know and I’ll remind you, though.”

Virgo: “I know you have a hard time accepting compliments, but I think you’re doing amazing, even if things aren’t going exactly the way you planned.”

Libra: “I love how much you strive to make everyone happy, but I want you to know you deserve to be happy, too.”

Scorpio: “You genuinely make my life more exciting and I’m glad I can open up to you. Please know you can always talk to me if you need to, okay?”

Sagittarius: “No one makes me laugh harder than you do. You don’t always have to be the positive one, though. If you need to vent or be sad, that’s okay. It’s not a bad thing.”

Capricorn: “I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished, but don’t stress yourself out, okay? You’re more than everything you’ve achieved.”

Aquarius: “Don’t sell yourself short. The world needs your voice and your perspective on things. It really does matter.”

Pisces: “Thanks for always being there when I need someone, but don’t be afraid to talk to me about your hard stuff, too. You’re not a burden and you won’t bother me.”

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