The season hasn’t even started and Malia has already had to field comments from haters. “People will always come up with reasons why you don’t deserve it or why you’ll fail — prove them wrong!,” she wrote in her post. “Your past doesn’t have to write your future.”

Over the past few years since Season 2 wrapped, Malia has been climbing the ranks on super yachts and has even earned her captain’s license. Captain Sandy also had to come to her defense, which we expect will only happen more throughout the season, as viewers know that yachting is notoriously a sexist industry. The fact that three women are at the head of this yacht is nothing short of revolutionary.

“Captain [Malia]! I’m so proud of you,” Captain Sandy wrote in the comments to Malia’s Instagram post, congratulating her bosun and adding she sees great potential in her. “You belong on a bridge,” she said.

We can’t wait to see what Malia and Captain Sandy have in store for us this season in Mallorca on Below Deck Med.

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