The 2002 bookThe Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert touched upon Eustace’s relationship history based on interviews with Eustace himself, as well as some of the women with which he was romantically linked. As one book review from the Literary Traveler details, Eustace told a woman he hopes she would bear him 13 children. When the author, Gilbert, and that woman were not all about that idea, Eustace stated, “One hundred years ago a woman wouldn’t have been scared by that idea.” 

There also seemed to be a consensus among Eustace’s past partners when they offered their reflections about him to Gilbert. “Women that were once strong and independent turned into submissive cheerleaders when paired with Conway, giving up much of their own identities to support his vision of Turtle Island,” according to the Literary Traveler.

“They were often ignored, held to impossible standards and harshly judged, yet many of the women reflect on the love they still have for Conway and the romantic notion that things may have or should have worked out differently.”

Hmmm. Perhaps Eustace is more suited to the bachelor life after all.

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