Tony left behind a cast of grieving characters, including Captain America, Thor, Bruce Banner, and Peter Parker. However, as the movie ends and the screen goes black, we hear a familiar sound that references the earlier 2008 Iron Man movie. 

This is the sound of Tony creating his alter ego. Could this mean that Tony is making another alter ego? 

A superhero’s alias never really dies; the people behind the superhero may, but the name is often passed down. For instance, Captain America hands his shield over to Falcon. In passing down this token, Captain America lives on.

In a similar gesture, Peter Parker is handed Tony’s sunglasses in Spider-Man: Far From Home. The person who wears the sunglasses holds the power of Tony Stark: E.D.I.T.H., which jokingly stands for “Even Dead I am The Hero.” 

But perhaps this is not a joke, rather an obvious clue that Tony’s innovations, his brainchildren, are him. His technology is what will end up saving the day.

Since Iron Man is technically a piece of Stark technology, this would mean that eventually, Iron Man will come back (thanks to Tony, of course). The Marvel Universe just has to find the right person to fill the suit. 

This is assumed to be Peter’s job, even though he totally botches it, handing over the sunglasses to Mysterio. Bad choice, Peter!

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