The third season of Somebody Feed Phil was just released on Netflix, and fans were looking forward to more scenes of Phil Rosenthal hanging out with his hilarious parents, but they are not featured in the show the way they have been in past seasons. Unfortunately, Season 3 of Somebody Feed Phil will not feature his mom, Helen.

Phil’s mom, Helen, passed away in October 2019.

Source: Netflix

Now that Season 3 is up on Netflix, fans have noticed Helen missing from Phil’s video calls to his family. Viewers reacted to the news with devastation, as her wit and charm were one of the favorite aspects of Somebody Feel Phil.

One user wrote, “Literally I just paused at the part where you would video call your parents to share bits and pieces of the exciting things you experienced during the trip in S3E1, then noticed your mom wasn’t next to your father. I couldn’t proceed without knowing, and found this post.. breaks my heart. Condolences to you & your family. Always loved seeing your parents together, they’re real gems.”

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Some may not know, but Helen was the inspiration for the infamous character of Marie Barone, Ray’s mother, on Everybody Loves Raymond.

The Belleview News reported, “Helen…provided a never-ending source of hilarious plot ideas. That is, they were funny once Phil survived the frequent real-life frustration of being the son of sometimes stereotypical Jewish parents.”

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