After a six-day search for the killer, Manfedonia was found and arrested in Hagerstown, Md. The search for the suspect spanned across a few states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, before he was located in Maryland.

Manfredonia is accused of killing Ted DeMers, 62, and Nicholas Eisele, 23 over Memorial Day Weekend, before assaulting another man and kidnapping one of his victims’ girlfriend. She was later found safe and unharmed at a gas station in New Jersey.

While Manfredonia was attempting to evade the police, his family made public statements, requesting their son peacefully turn himself in.

“Peter, if you are listening, you are loved,” attorney Michael Dolan, who is representing Manfredonia’s family, said in a public statement, according to Insider. “It is time to let the healing process begin. It’s time to surrender. You have your parents’ and your sisters’ and your family’s entire support. So, Peter, from your parents, we love you, please turn yourself in.”

Allegedly, before the incident happened, Manfredonia was struggling with his mental health but actively receiving support from his family and therapists, according to CNN.

When the suspect was found, he reportedly complied with officers, agreeing to a peaceful arrest. According to the outlet, Manfredonia’s family “are relieved that Peter brought this to a peaceful conclusion.”

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