If you dig just a little bit, you’ll find the weird little nooks and crannies of the internet, one of those being Unus Annus, which means One Year. The YouTube channel, called Unus Annus, was created to only last one full year until promising to delete itself. In the video, two hosts (Mark and Ethan), one dressed in black and one in white, both compare the life span of their project/social experiment to our own finite lives. While the channel will be deleted eventually, the hosts promised to upload a new video every single day. To date, Unus Annus has 3.23 million subscribers.

Are you an Unus or an Annus?

Seemingly, the ultimately goal with Unus and Annus (aside from selling merch, of course), is to learn which side members of society is on. And no, it doesn’t seem to be rooted in any kind of legit behavioral science. Are you an Unus or an Annus? Similar to identifying with your Myers Briggs type, Unus Annus makes you look deep within yourself and figure out which person you are. 

Unus types, according to the Unus video “Only UNUS-es May Watch This Video,” have a “kind heart, compassion, and driven nature.” When Unuses “feel the lowest of our low, we rise up to the tip-tip top, not letting anyone or anything get in our way.” Unuses are the life of the party, are sympathetic, creative, and don’t worry about letting their emotions show. The Unus host claims that Unuses are better in every way.

But maybe you’re more of an Annus. In the video “Only ANNUS-es May Watch This Video” we learn that Annuses “speak their truth, they let people know how they feel, they don’t let anyone walk over them — ever.” Annuses are confident, bold, brash, and are certainly headed for success. Seemingly Annuses are OK with putting down Unuses, though, since the Annus host starts off with calling Unuses “weak” and “passive-aggressive.” 

Both Annus and Unus hosts want to see which one their two videos have the most views. Right now, The Annus video has 450,478 views, while the Unus video has 424,425. Pretty close, but it seems like there may be more Annuses — or at least, folks who wish that they were Annuses. 

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