No one seems to know where The TerraMar Project founder is these days. Attempts to find her in order to serve up new lawsuits have been unsuccessful. Even her legal counsel claims to be in the dark regarding her whereabouts. 

Lawyers for accuser Jennifer Araoz, who sued Ghislaine’s estate last summer over her alleged involvement in Jeffrey’s sex crimes, detailed their continued struggles to contact the former house manager. 

“We have made repeated efforts to locate Ms. Maxwell, including engaging surveillance services,” attorney Bill Kaiser told ABC News in January. “We have thus far been unable to find her for the purposes of serving her with the complaint.”

Ghislaine was granted a small win earlier this month when she received a temporary reprieve from answering questions in a civil lawsuit filed by alleged victim Annie Farmer. 

The plaintiff accused Ghislaine of sexual battery and false imprisonment, stating that she was 16 years old when the defendant recruited her to visit Jeffrey’s ranch in New Mexico. 

“Annie was extremely distressed and afraid,” her complaint reads. “She was a child in a massive ranch in New Mexico, away from her family in Arizona, and isolated from any source of help.” Through her attorney, Laura Menninger, Ghislaine dismissed the allegations. 

“She absolutely denies that she participated in this or any other sexual abuse or trafficking or assault, and no court, judge, or jury has ever determined that she has,” the lawyer wrote in a letter to the court.

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