Facetune is the photo editing app all of your favorite content creators use. James Charles, Loren Gray, and Erika Costell all use it frequently for their Instagram photos. Considering Tana frequently claims she’s only a two, it’s not surprising she feels the need to Facetune her photos.

Tana was even called out for taking her photo editing a little too far after the People’s Choice awards in November. The YouTuber shared a photo of herself on the red carpet for the event, and her followers immediately commented on how different her face shape looked. 

“who tf is that in the first pic,” one commented said, while another pointed out “That’s not her face.”

The rest of Tana’s photos from that night, while also clearly edited, are not done nearly as drastically as the first one.

Tana chose never to directly comment on her heavy-handed edits. Tana’s always ready to make fun of herself, though, so when she shared her next round of photos from the People’s Choice Awards, she made sure not to edit them as heavily this time.

“Swipe for a pic of me (with less Facetune than last time) cause i’m narcissistic,” she joked.

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