Richardson spoke to Cosmopolitan to share her side of the story to give light to her experiences as a pregnant teen, scared and alone, as well as the extreme backlash she received from her town and internet trolls. “It was so hard to live knowing the truth but to have the whole world think otherwise,” she told Cosmo. “The people out there who hate me so much and wish horrible things upon me also do not know me.” 

“My biggest regret is not having the strength to tell someone that I was pregnant,” Richardson told Cosmo. “I wish I would have done it differently. I’m plagued by guilt every day for not telling someone.”

Cosmopolitan continued with her story and wrote, “Even now, as Skylar finally speaks about her experience, she knows plenty of people have plenty of expectations about how she should come across. Angry, maybe. Relieved. Repentant. Perhaps even philosophical about how everything happens for a reason. But currently, she is not well. She hasn’t slept—chest pains and panic keep her awake. She can’t eat.”

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