Because he was in and out of prison a lot over the years, Avery and her dad, Burl “Dusty” Dials, haven’t been in much contact since she was a teenager. Recently, they reconnected in a three-way call between Avery, Omar, and her dad on 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined, where she was able to introduce her new husband to her father, despite not knowing him that well herself anymore.

Avery’s mom was a big part of Avery’s adventure in traveling across the world to meet and marry Omar on Before the 90 Days. Her father was noticeably absent, even though her step-dad, who Avery has seemed to consider her main father figure, was featured. Still, Avery’s close relationship with her mom took precedence over other parental relationships. Now, that could shift a bit as Avery welcomes her father back into her life.

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