The captain’s oldest child, Elaine, became a captain herself while appearing on the show, operating one of her dad’s six dredges during Season 2. 

The blonde beauty used to date diver Flint Collins, who worked aboard both the Wild Ranger and his girlfriend’s boat, the Bering Booty, but he left in Season 4 following his split from Elaine. She moved on with fellow diver Shem Fogelman, and they welcomed a daughter together in 2015.

After a brief hiatus following the birth of her first child, Elaine heads back out on the open waters with her father and his one-year-old catamaran, Goldship Wild Ranger, in Season 12. “I think this is gonna be our best summer season ever,” she stated on the May 15 premiere. 

In an on-camera interview, Vern said of his firstborn, “Elaine is ambitious. She wants to be the captain… The only way you’re ever gonna do something like this is just strapping on, jumping in, and [doing] it. Make some mistakes, break a few things, but hopefully she’ll learn before she [kills] herself. Sometimes that’s the way you got to do it.”

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