Justin certainly has quite the resume — before Magic for Humans, he was the host of Cupcake Wars! He also performed his magic act at the White House back in 2011 and hosted Win, Lose, or Draw in 2014. He’s not the only one in the family who has led a fascinating life, though. His wife Jillian has also worn many hats.

According to her website, Jillian is a photographer and a designer (and a quick glimpse through her Instagram account shows she is amazing at both things!). She also refers to herself as a cyborg, and her reason for that is also pretty amazing. “In short, I am truly part ‘machine’ and have dubbed myself as such to make it less weird/more cool for everyone I know (especially myself),” she wrote in her site’s “About Me” section.

“I wear an insulin pump, connected to me via tubing and a port that I move to a new location on my body every three days. I also wear a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) that tells me more or less what my blood sugar is up to so that I can act accordingly (give myself insulin if the readings are too high or eat something if the readings are too low).”

Jillian’s self-proclaimed cyborg status is due to the fact that at age 18, she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Her website reveals that she’s refreshingly frank about living with the autoimmune disorder. She likens tracking her blood sugar to “living on the center of a see-saw that you are told should never touch the ground on one side or the other.”

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