According to Yahoo, this was one of the issues that led his family to take legal action after his murder. They hired high-profile legal attorney Geoffrey Fieger, who made a name in the business as the legal representative of Jack Kevorkian, a doctor advocating for euthanasia. 

In the court, Geoffrey alleged that the show producers wanted to exploit other people’s suffering for the sake of making money — and that their failure to set up to regulations preventing participants from engaging in acts of verbal or physical abuse was tantamount to the active promotion of the such. 

In addition, he also revealed that show host Jenny Jones failed to acquire Schmitz’s permission to participate in a segment revolving around another man’s explicit sexual fantasies — which was to be aired on national television. 

According to Yahoo, he also claimed that the producers of the show “did everything except pull the trigger.” 

The Amedure family won the case. They were awarded $29.3 million worth of compensation. 

Meanwhile, Geoffrey garnered fame as a lawyer who fights for the underrepresented and the oft-silenced. 

He continued to take on prominent cases generating a great deal of publicity. In 1998, he launched a political campaign. He was one of the Democratic candidates running for Governor of Washington. His bid was unsuccessful. 

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