Towards the end of 2014, The Rosso Sisters’ social media posts changed. Although they frequently used Twitter and Instagram to post about their lives, their favorite things, and just to talk to fans, their posts all became focused on one thing: their mother’s health.

In 2015, Georgina was 23, Milly and Becky were 19, and Lola was just 17. At such young ages, the girls had to stand beside their ill mother, who was battling pancreatic cancer.

At the end of 2014, the sisters posted a message to their fans on both Twitter and Instagram, which read: “We wanted to share with you guys that we have come to the East Coast with our mom for her pancreatic cancer surgery. If you are going through a hard time with a loved one who has a serious illness, you are not alone. Don’t give up hope, even in the darkest days. We were originally given terrible news & now our prayers have been answered & we have hope again.”

Although the message was hopeful, their next one was heartbreaking. “We are so incredibly heartbroken & devastated that our beautiful mom Anthea passed away after fighting an extremely tough battle with pancreatic cancer,” the post began, captioning an image of their mother. “She was our best friend and inspiration, & the most caring, loving, selfless, kind hearted person we could ever imagine. After much thought & consideration, we have decided not to carry on with our girl group and making music, & to close this chapter in our lives, even though it was just the beginning and we hadn’t released music in the US yet.”

“We’re soo sorry to anyone we’re disappointing, but during these extremely difficult past few months, our hopes and dreams for the future have changed,” they continued. “We’ll never forget the amazing memories we made as a music group while it lasted, & we’re so happy we had the chance to meet & talk to such genuinely sweet and supportive fans like you guys. Thank u soo much to all of you who have ever written us a nice message, sent us well wishes, prayed for us or our mom, or supported us in some way. We are so grateful. We love you.”

Since then, all four girls have abandoned their social media and appear to be living a quiet life, away from the public eye.

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